Augusta Developer Info Series

Augusta Developer Info Series

At Mobile First we are proud of our Garden City roots! ⛳ As a way to demonstrate that we maintain this resource of information and frequently asked questions designed to empower further local software application development.

The following is a collection of information and answers to help empower application development and growth of mobile technologies near Augusta & the CSRA!

We only just started. You can help expand this resource by asking more questions in the comment section below, or send us a private message here.

⌘ Application Development & Programming

What is a Mobile Application Developer?

What do I Need to Know to Build Mobile Applications?

Where Can You Study Coding or Computer Programming Near Augusta?

Where in Augusta Can I Study Mobile App Development?

I’m interested in Mobile App Development. Is C# or Visual Studio a Good Option?

⌘ Workspaces

Top 3 free workspaces for digital nomads in Augusta

What are Some Free and Affordable Workspaces for Developers in Augusta?

Where to Find Permanent Office Space, Co-working Space or Workspace for Small Dev Team?

⌘ Employment

What is an Approximate Salary for a Mobile Application Developer in Augusta?

What are Some Local Companies That Hire Mobile Application Developers?

⌘ Networking

Where Can I Connect with Other Local Developers?

⌘ Equipment and Hardware

Where Should I Purchase my Apple, iPhone or Android Hardware?

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