Best Resources for Mobile and Web App Assets - February 2020

As an application developer, graphical assets are a necessity but finding an indie developer who codes and creates beautiful assets is like stumbling on a unicorn. If you are a small operation like we are, it is good to have some handy resources available to help handle this task.

On this page we have gathered our favorite free resources to help with graphical assets, icons, store images, screenshots and video. We will update this article periodically with new discoveries. We have personal experience in using all of the following resources and would highly recommend them to you!

Photography and Illustrations

Site Description
Unsplash Free high-res images for your projects
Pikwizard High Quality, Free Stock Photos Royalty free and safe for commercial use, with no attribution required
Freepik Photos, PDS files, vectors and other resources
UnDraw Editable illustrations
ManyPixels Illustration gallery; you can modify the image colors to match your own application theme
Pixabay Royalty free stock images


Site Description
Material Design Icons Large collection of simple vector icons
FlatIcon Large collection of vector icons in different styles (e.g. flat and outline)
FontAwesome You can download the free icons as SVGs or use the fonts

Image Editing & Composition

Site Description
PIXLR X Quick image editing tools with a web app
IcoMoon Make SVG sprites
Canva Create cover images, banners, infographics and many more. Tons of templates you can use to get started. Great place to make feature images.
EZ Gif Make GIF images. You can upload individual images or convert video to a gif. Has options to optimize, resize, speedup/slowdown etc.
Photo Collage Online editor for making photo collages. Lots of different templates for quick layouts.
App Mockup Screenshots for you mobile app. It is beta but so cool! Easily remove background from images using AI - the quality of this is impressive! Great & free for small images.

Desktop Video Editing

Site Description
DaVinci Resolve Powerful video editor, very cool!


Site Description
Google Fonts ~ 1000 free fonts you can serve using Google CDNs or download for your app.

Free Desktop Software

Site Description
Inkscape Free desktop app for drawing vector images
GIMP Bitmap image editing
Imagemagick Command line/terminal tool for image manipulation. We use it to create favicons.
FFmpeg Command line/terminal tool for quick video editing. We use it for example to convert mov to mp4 file format. Has a learning curve but worth it.

Specialty / Random

Site Description
Sweaterify Design knit patterns and sweaters

This is our current favorites list right now. Check back for more. We will add new links as we discover them!

Happy Coding!

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