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How to Cut, Clip and Convert Audio Files in Python

When working on experimental things, you might find yourself in a situation where you are faced with raw audio or video and need to modify it. Working with these media formats requires a few extra st

12 Strategies for Finding Initial Users

After creating your initial product, you need to think about your strategy of how to find initial users to validate your idea. This will vary greatly based on your industry of choice and what user se

Create Round Images on Android Using Picasso

Round images are a nice design element that add a touch of elegance to your application especially when used with feature images as a way to emphasize their content. In today’s tutorial we will show

Add Persistence to PWA with IndexedDB

Web applications have multiple options for storing user information locally and these methods vary greatly in capacity and behavior. The Indexed Database API, commonly referred to as indexedDB, is a

First Thoughts on Using GatsbyJS

In the past my de facto choice for building react apps has always been Facebook’s create-react-app. It makes react app development fast an easy with out-of-the-box build configuration and deployment,